It’s a sad affair to know that much of our Central Maine Power electricity rates are apparently guaranteed sanction by the all-powerful Public Utilities Commission, and all the while most of the profits that should have reduced consumer bills went directly to Spain.

For ages the story has been the same — calls again and again for rate hikes, and then sanctioned over and over by the commission.

Residential and business bills are going through the roof. Those and other customer bills had not had periodic blown-up bills in the past. Anyone with half a brain can figure out the cause was not the fault of the customers.

Maine is not a rich state. Many rural areas are 50 percent poverty. The commission, with its power needs, to be more responsible to the people. The customers of electric power are at the mercy of the power company.

We were forced into smart meters and might suffer ill health for it.Again the PUC helped to push smart meters onto customers.

I’m truly ashamed that our electric company has such a hold on the commission. I’m also ashamed that most of the profits end up in Spain!

I’m also ashamed that our legislators support such underhanded tactics against consumers of electric power. Stop this finanacial massacre.

Shame on all of you.

Essie Golden


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