Sam Shain’s commentary “What wedges us apart” (Jan. 26) hit the nail right on the head. In clear, thoughtful terms, Shain delineates a major causative factor in today’s angry and caustic world. Social media platforms such as Twitter allow and, worse, seem to encourage the most irresponsible comments imaginable.

As Shain points out, “ordinary people with zero expertise combat the life’s work of environmental scientists” with yellow emoticons. These people choose rather to swallow the buzzwords, simplistic spins, conspiracy theories, and outright lies of other armchair commentators who perpetuate this harmful drivel with impunity.

During the 2016 campaign I met a young man who told me that Hillary Clinton founded and funds ISIS. When asked where he got such an idea, he replied that it was all over the internet.

The internet, a boon and a blessing for many, has also become a many-headed monster. At some point this monster will have to be tamed. But how?

George Hite


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