The Supreme Court’s decision to allow the Trump administration’s ban on transgender people from serving in the military reminds us that cruelty is a key component of this president’s policymaking (“Our View: President Trump’s military transgender ban demeans true patriots,” Jan. 25). To ban these people from serving their country — something that is revered in this country above nearly everything else — is nothing short of bigoted and hateful. It serves no real purpose other than to ostracize a group of people for political gain.

Cruelty was at the center of other moves by the administration. The family separations at the border and the Muslim travel ban come immediately to mind. These policies hold little value other than to drum up support among a small set of Americans who fear a changing America.

We as Americans are in the midst of a moral crisis. Our national myth claims that anyone, from anywhere, with any background can be who they want to be as Americans. And yet, almost everything that this president has done has flown in the face of our shared values.

We cannot allow cruelty and hate to be determing factors in how our country is led.

Ian Magill


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