Waterville is changing. We are positioned to see many dramatic changes to our city in the coming year and years: Castonguay Square, traffic flow on Main Street, the business growth (four new restaurants in the last year), the opening of a Colby dorm, parking challenges, opportunity for a Children’s Museum, etc.

Our population is not changing much with around 16,000 residents and one-third over 55 years of age. The city needs your voice. You can no longer complain without putting your voice out there where it counts. Stand up for what you think and believe. Ask for facts, not gossip and speculation.

I am asking for you to attend City Council meetings. They are only twice a month for a couple of hours. You don’t need to attend all but be present for your future. Decisions are made with limited input.   Do you want one person to vote for you without hearing from you? Volunteer. Your city offers so many opportunities to get involved. What you are passionate about?

Our city is us. Each one of us has a voice; you certainly pay enough taxes. Don’t let the people playing politics extinguish your fire!


Kim Lane


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