I know many Christians embrace Republicans because they want Supreme Court justices who would overturn Roe v. Wade.  The problem today is billionaires control the party and greed has taken over our country.  They are the cause of the consistent 45 million to 50 million suffering poor in this country.

Why are there tens of thousands of soup kitchens and charities to feed the poor in this wealthiest country in the world while wealthy President George W. Bush gave us the Iraq and Afghanistan wars for profit.  How many tens of thousands more deaths and mental health issues are these senseless wars still costing us?  Now Donald Trump gave a trillion dollar “thank you” tax cut to corporate billionaires while our poor lack proper nutrition like meats, fruits and vegetables, but rely on carbohydrates and fats to fill their hunger.

The poor also don’t have access to medical and dental care until a serious illness arises.  They then receive  emergency care, but it’s either too late or they die decades earlier than they should. Don’t they have a right to life.  Poverty is a killer.

Republicans are paid to deny climate change so corporations can pollute our country and planet.  How many more thousands of daily deaths from pollution are we Christians going to turn a blind eye to by voting for these Republicans?

The Trump administration and his corporate allies don’t want any more poor immigrants coming into our country.  They also want insurance companies to stop paying for contraceptives for our poor.  We have a low number of abortions because of contraceptives, education and assistance.

How can any Bible-reading Christian dispute Jesus was all about taking care of the poor? The love of money (greed) is the root of all evil.


Gloria Fleming


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