Enough of this polar vortex and the other climate disruptions we are seeing. We all want a world that is more livable and still beautiful and healthy for our grandchildren to grow up in. But how can we ever switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy in every part of our complicated economy, and do it fast enough to protect the people we love? Our economy is huge and most of what is mined, grown, manufactured, transported, heated or cooled is done with fossil fuel energy.

How can we change all that quickly? Trying to pass and enforce regulations on every part of our vast economy would be impossible. The government cannot afford to pay for this transition, and neither can every business and homeowner.

The only way to make this switch would be to invent some kind of affordable incentive to make it more profitable for everyone in the country to switch to renewable energy. And believe it or not, there is a bipartisan bill in Congress right now (H.R. 763) that would do that.

This is the carbon fee and dividend bill that you’ve read about before. The oil company pays a fee for the carbon dioxide their product creates. They raise their prices accordingly. Our government gives all that money to every American, so we can afford the higher prices. This makes oil more expensive than renewable energy, so we all save money by switching to renewable energy. This is good for us individually and good for our economy. And our world and our grandchildren’s lives are protected.

Thank George Schultz, President Ronald Reagan’s treasury secretary, for this genius idea, and take action. Tell your federal representatives to do right by our children and vote for H.R. 763.


Richard Thomas


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