Lengthy articles in the newspaper recently advocating for early childhood intervention by professionals should concern people (“Support growing for universal pre-K” and “Funds needed for child care center,” Jan. 14).

We shouldn’t let the state take control over a child’s education away from parents. If we allow the state to determine which values are taught to kids, traditional education could soon be replaced — quite possibly with something that will prioritize getting young people ready for the work force over academic learning. In fact, in 1994, the Goals 2000 Educate America Act signed by President Bill Clinton did do exactly that; academic learning got shortchanged.

When our society and government advocate for early separation between parent and child, something is drastically wrong.  This bodes ill for our country and our families.

Parents, be vigilant and guard your children. Don’t be intimidated by educational “experts” who make you doubt your own worth. You are your children’s best advocates.

Pat Truman


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