A recent international conference in aesthetic plastic surgery analyzed the field’s latest trends. How to deal with pockets of unwanted fat was a hot topic, as you might imagine.

One doctor at the conference noted that although surgical liposuction is still the most common procedure in this area, Coolsculpting is the fastest growing, with more than 425,000 procedures done worldwide in 2015. This doctor went on to say, “No cuts, no needles, [and] no anesthesia. What’s not to like? With Coolsculpting, people can sit there reading a book while getting rid of their fat.”

As you all may know, Coolsculpting (also know medically as cryolipolysis) is an FDA-approved treatment that involves placing an applicator device over a fat pocket on the body. This applicator cools the area to freeze the fat cells under the skin, all without damaging the surrounding skin or other tissue.

Within an hour, 20-25% of the fat cells in a treated area will be killed by the freezing process. Then, your body metabolizes the dead fat cells and the metabolites of the fat are then disposed from the body. The results are gradual over a period of several months, but are nonetheless dramatic.

Since starting with Coolsculpting at Maine Laser Skin Care over the past year, they have seen many significant transformations from the “love handles” to the abdomen and thighs. Some interesting developments from adding this procedure include the addition of more men to their clientele.

Across the country, 35-40% of Coolsculpting users are men, whereas they only make up about 10% of all other aesthetic procedures. Men generally cite both the non-invasive nature of the procedure and the quicker recovery with no downtime as their reasons for choosing CoolSculpting.

Maine Laser Skin Care aesthetician Denise Gidney recently had a meeting with a Coolsculpting representative to review their progress over 2016. Despite Maine Laser Skin Care offering this procedure for less than a full year, they are already one of the top Coolsculpting practices in New England north of Boston.

Maine Laser Skin Care is also above average in the number of treatments performed in the abdomen, which is where they have had some of the most dramatic results.

So, if you have a pesky pocket of fat that persists despite all your efforts at diet and targeted exercise, Coolsculpting is probably the procedure for you. Because every person is different in terms of the amount of fat they want removed, the location of said fat, and their overall body sculpting goals, prices can not be quoted over the phone.

That is the reason why you should call Maine Laser Skin Care at (207) 873-2158 to schedule your next consultation. Their consultations are free and confidential, and they can answer any of your questions, including those about cost.

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