Anna Kellar’s op-ed offered in her capacity as executive director of the League of Women Voters actually fits into a Yogi Berra postulate: “When you come to a fork in the road, take it!” (“Maine Compass: The League of Women Voters of Maine calls for better elections,” Feb. 14).

Kellar reports the League’s support of Maine’s recently enacted ranked-choice voting method by touting its purpose to achieve majority-vote election results while clamoring to replace the nation’s Electoral College by enactment of the National Popular Vote Compact.

The Electoral College system is already a majority election system; with 538 electors, requiring an absolute majority of 270 electoral votes to win.

It seems the League promotes a majority vote winner for governor while advocating a plurality winner for the presidency.

Also, Kellar’s article boasts the League’s voting particulars are “grounded in evidence-based solutions.” A probable Yogi Berra reply: “Don’t get me right, I’m just asking.” Given the League’s overwhelming support for ranked-choice voting, please give evidence that majority-vote winners are better than plurality vote winners.


John Benoit


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