Waterville has a shining jewel that is found in a family-owned business for 70 years. Patrons come from all over the state during the year and in the summer visitors will come to attend classes at the Yardgood Center. The Vlodek family, now the second generation, own and manage the store on a daily basis. They have a great love for their customers.

Waterville residents have read in the Morning Sentinel the issue of parking in the Concourse as customers attending classes at the Yardgood Center have found parking tickets on their cars because of the two-hour parking limit. The classes are over two hours in length.

We want people to come to classes at Yardgood Center to support this Waterville landmark. A parking solution needs to happen for all of the merchants in that area — The Villager Restaurant, The Maine Made Shop, The Yardgood Center and Pagoda Express Chinese Restaurant all need to be supported.

Please, as Waterville residents, contact your ward councilor today as quick results need to happen for these merchants. Results are needed now — not months from now.


Cathy Weeks



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