The Feb. 24 editorial correctly informed readers of the seriousness of global warming, but misinformed readers about the role of CMP’s proposed transmission corridor (“Our View: Climate is top concern in CMP powerline case”).

The editorial chose to ignore scientific evidence that appeared in the Portland Press Herald from an earth scientist from MIT that proved that Hydro-Quebec contributes to CO2 emissions, but included claims and promises from Hydro-Quebec that stands to realize billions in profits from the sale of energy to Massachusetts.

The MIT professor also provided evidence that disputed Hydro-Quebec’s claim that it can generate additional energy from water spillage. Water spillage occurs during times of high water flow that exceeds the generating capacity of the dam.

Lastly, the Massachusetts attorney general has filed an action against the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities for its claim that energy from Hydro-Quebec will reduce CO2 emissions in New England, the result of which will be in increased CO2 emissions elsewhere because of hydro energy displacement.

The serious, damaging consequences for Maine go well beyond scenic views.


John Nicholas


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