A bill being considered in the Maine Legislature would replace Maine’s current state flag, which shows the state seal on a dark blue background, with a new version that draws on a 1901 design.

The proposed design features a blue star and an evergreen tree on a pale yellow field.

Supporters of the change say the proposed flag hits all the high points: it’s simple, easy to recognize, a child can draw it from memory, it has meaningful symbols on it and no words. It actually served as the state flag from 1901 to 1909, when it was replaced with the current version featuring the state seal.

The current Maine state flag is rich in references to the state’s natural beauty and industry. Staff photo by Fred J. Field

The seal includes a pine tree with a bull moose resting beneath it and a star, representing the North Star, above it with the state motto, “Dirigo,” in gold letters on a red sash. The tree is flanked by a fisherman and farmer, representing the state’s connection to agriculture and the sea. The word “Maine,” in white letters on a light blue sash, stretches out below the seal.

Is there something else that you think would symbolize Maine better than the pine tree and bull moose? Would your flag have lobsters? A fishing boat? A lighthouse?

Try your hand at creating a flag, and send your design to [email protected]. We may publish them in a future story.

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