A grand jury in York County has indicted a Standish man who broke into another man’s home last December, took a shower, ate a meal and watched television.

Derek S. Tarbox, 35, of Maple Ridge Drive in Standish, was indicted on two burglary counts, three counts of theft, one count of unauthorized use of property, one count of leaving the scene of a property damage accident, and one count of criminal mischief, according to the March indictment list released Wednesday.

The York County Sheriff’s Office said that 39-year-old Michael Pradon and his 9-year-old daughter were returning to their home in Waterboro in late December when Pradon discovered Tarbox – dressed in Pradon’s clothing – watching television.

“What the … are you doing here?” Pradon asked Tarbox. Tarbox responded by asking Pradon the same question. Tarbox told Pradon he thought he was in a friend’s home.

Pradon agreed to drive Tarbox to a residence in Hollis, but when he returned he discovered his home had been burglarized. His back door had been kicked in, his bedroom was ransacked and Pradon’s anxiety medicine was missing. He also found evidence that Tarbox had showered and eaten food in the bathroom.

Pradon told the Press Herald that he always looks for the positive in people, which is why he gave Tarbox a ride instead of calling police.

York County Sheriff Bill King said the bizarre chain of events started when Tarbox stole a car in Portland, ran out of gas in Hollis, and then stole another car.

Tarbox drove the second stolen car to Bennett Hill Road in Waterboro, where he drove off the road and crashed into woods. Tarbox then walked to Pradon’s house on Bennett Hill Road.

Sheriff’s Office deputies and Maine State Police arrested Tarbox at a home in Limerick.

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