I believe this ugly 150-foot-wide swath across Maine wilds to be a huge mistake. Vermont and New Hampshire rejected this, and we should too. Gov. Janet Mills is using this “carbon square” to tell us how much it’s supposed to be taking out of the ATM, but fails to mention that  when you flood huge areas with these huge dams, it takes enormous numbers of trees out of circulation, which in turn takes carbon out of the air.

I’m not against hydropower, but Massachusetts is overpopulated and it should be putting offshore wind farms in place, instead of ruining so much of Maine. This will be a huge, irreversible, ugly impact on one of the last relatively wild areas east of the Rockies.

Isn’t it enough that Massachusetts motorboats bring so many invasive plants up here? They’ve plastered their own lakes already; must they ruin our woods, as well?


Ted Elliott


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