In congressional testimony in 1988, James Hansen urged action on climate change. But not enough has been done, reports the United Nations, and millions will suffer if emissions are not drastically reduced in the next 12 years.
In January, with that report in mind, some congressmen introduced H.R. 763, enactment of which would lead to a 40 percent reduction of gas emissions in 10 years.  Many U.S. newspapers have published editorials directly in support of this bill, but Maine newspapers have not done so.
Some people are enthused about the Green New Deal, but unlike H.R. 763 , the Green New Deal is not a bill , it is just a resolution, a call to action. H.R. 763 spells out what the action should be: charge fossil fuel companies a fee for the carbon they emit.  In Canada, which already prices carbon, one report states, “Economists are virtually unanimous in the view that carbon pricing reduces greenhouse gas emissions at the lowest possible cost to the economy.”
I have great faith and respect for the power of  the press, especially in staff-written editorials.  We in the U.S. have  dithered for decades. Worldwide, young people have given up the older generation and are climate-activists themselves. Seniors can still help, though, says Bill McKibben by “covering their backs.” Young people want action now to avoid what the UN says will happen in ten years if we continue to fiddle while the planet burns.
I ask this newspaper to help cover their backs by publishing an editorial that specifically endorses H.R. 763.
Fern Crossland Stearns

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