I am speaking for all of us who are the only caregiver for our spouses who have suffered disabilities and are not sick enough yet for a nursing home — provided, of course, we could afford one. Long-term care is next to impossible with Mainecare, and nobody could afford the going rate by themselves.

Most of us don’t mind caring for our loved ones as it is a labor of love, but it does tax one mentally, physically and financially. The state makes sure you are dirt poor before they can offer some kind of care, so we all will go broke before we can get any long-term care.

I recently read a headline in this newspaper which stated: “Measure aims to reimburse caregivers.” The smaller type says, “Advocates seek to let spouses providing home care qualify for Medicaid.”

This bill was sponsored by Rep. Patrick Corey, R-Windham. Keeping patients at home in the long run will cost taxpayers less money, he said.

This bill was passed but the appropriations committee shot it down for lack of funding. Perhaps this year, with a new governor and elected officials, Maine will take the high road and all the poor  people and those of us with medical and care problems will get the help we need.

We must remind the naysayers we didn’t ask to have this hardship bestowed on us, and after working hard all my life and paying taxes, all we ask is for a fair break.


Frank D. Slason


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