Total budget: $564,272, up just over 1 percent from last year’s figure of $555,267. The town tax rate is $17.60 for every $1,000 in property valuation.

Major spending items: $98,166 funding general administration to include computer upgrades, payroll taxes, insurance and legal expenses; $65,650 for town salaries; $3,500 for operating expenses at the former Starks Town Hall on Locke Hill Road; and $12,160 for the town’s contribution to the Anson Madison Starks Ambulance Service.

Also agreed upon was $43,300 for the Fire Department, $18,000 for the Community Center and $46,000 for equipment maintenance for the coming year.

For the road accounts, approved funding requests included $72,500 for summer roads, $62,000 for winter roads and $9,787 for the debt service on salt shed bond.

Local races: Paul Frederick, chairman of the Starks Board of Selectmen, ran unopposed on the ballot and was re-elected for a three-year term. Maryann Gawlinski ran unopposed for a seat on the Board of Assessors. Town Clerk and Tax Collector, Jenn Zweig Hebert, also ran unopposed.


Special item: Voters agreed to investigate the use of various town properties as possible sites for photovoltaic or solar-collecting equipment. Paul Frederick said a gravel pit on Sawyers Mills Road is a possible site.

Number of people in attendance: 35



Total budget: $1,014,523. The tax rate going into Town Meeting was $18.75 for every $1,000 in property valuation.

Major spending items:  Voters agreed to spend $70,000 from grant money on the replacement of a culvert on Libby Hill Road.


Spending items included $45,000 to maintain the Community Center and $130,000 for town charges, including all compensations, contracted services, supplies and advertising; $220,000 for various Public Works roads accounts, including $20,000 for summer roads, $75,000 for winter roads and $95,000 for equipment and the town garage.

Also on the roads agenda, $87,392 was approved for the fourth payment on the paving bond, plus raising $57,392 and using $30,000 from state funding for roads, plus $40,000 for gravel roadwork and $182,287 for the third payment of funds borrowed in another paving project.

Palmyra residents also agreed to spend $57,000 for fire protection; $110,000 for solid waste disposal; and $4,000 for recycling, down from the requested $8,000.

Local races: Incumbent Selectwomen Jo-Ann Brown and Vondell Dunphy were both re-elected for three-year terms of office, as was incumbent director Jennifer Watson for a three-year term on the Regional School Unit 19 board.

Number of people in attendance: 35

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