I am a retired Army officer and school teacher with a bachelor’s and master’d degrees from the University of Maine. I’ve just had my 80th birthday and although I still feel I’m quite sound of mind I desperately need someone to explain to me why our president, elected by the citizens of the United States of America knowing full well the most important plank in his campaign was to secure the boarder and put walls in strategic places, gets zero support from all Democrats and even a few Republicans to accomplish what he was elected to accomplish.

Let your imagination run wild for a moment. These illegal drugs that are killing thousands of our young people are clearly coming from across our borders as they not grown in the United States. As an example, if we had eliminated these nasty drugs, John D. Williams would not be headed for a lifelong imprisonment and Corporal Eugene Cole would still be alive.

Yes, our president has faults and the Democrats and media are still looking hard to find them. Apparently he likes women, along with many of our top executives, but at least has not had any problems while in office, unlike Presidents John F. Kennedy and Hillary Clinton.

Check the numbers — our country has come a long way in the last two years with virtually no help from the Democratic Party. Imagine what gains would be made if the Democratic Party and mainstream media would at least give our president the time of day.

Dave Mosher


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