Mainers should know that Central Maine Power’s proposed transmission line is not clean or green and provides no long term benefits to Maine. The only real benefits are profit to Spanish-owned CMP, enabling Massachusetts to claim to be green, and furthering the agendas of our business-owned governor and a few corrupt nonprofits.

Does Maine need $15 million spent on electric car-charging stations when the available ones are rarely used? Do we need $15 million more spent on heat pumps? Strangely enough, both these CMP mitigations (bribes) will run on CMP electricity. And $50 million in ratepayer savings sounds good, until you see it is over 40 years and averages less than $1 per household per month.

Maine is producing more electricity than we need, our hydro plants rarely run at full capacity and are often curtailed (told to run at less than full capacity). Maine is not the only way for this electricity to get to the grid. The line has already been approved to run underground in another state but that would be more costly to the Spanish owners. The destruction will be forever.

Don’t make Maine the cheap date for Massachusetts at the cost of our environment . Let state regulators know the transmission line has no place in Maine.


Kathy Barkley


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