Shocked, ashamed, and angry — the bullies have won again. A small group of Indians who do not represent the whole Indian nation in Main, have been allowed to stir up a controversy that didn’t exist, make threats, brings in outsiders and bully the School Administrative District 54 school board (Skowhegan-based school board votes 14-9 to retire ‘Indians’ sports nickname,” March 7)

I was bullied throughout my school years; no teacher ever stood up for me. Now SAD 54 has said it’s OK to be a bully. Who or what word will be next? The school board has once again given the bullies the power. School board members are supposed to represent their constituents to make decisions concerning school safety, to spend money wisely, and to make sure the curriculum  is up to date.  All I heard from them was, “I feel strongly.” Where was the concern for the people who they represent?

I still have power at the polls for the budget and for the school board members. Maybe it’s time to consider dissolving SAD 54 and allow the towns to make their own decisions. Skowhegan was and is the home of the Indian. I am proud that my town honors the native people who were here before me. I will always be a Skowhegan Indian.


Judi A. York


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