Three million more people voted for Hillary Clinton than for Donald Trump nationwide in 2016. She lost the presidency because of the electoral college vote.

The Maine Legislature will soon be voting on L.D. 816, An Act To Implement the National Popular Vote for President of the United States, to change that process so that we stay true to the ideals of our democracy — one person, one vote.

Thirteen states with 181 electoral votes have joined the National Popular Vote Compact, which says that each state agrees to pledge their electors to the presidential candidate who wins the popular vote nationally once enough states (with a combined total of 270 electoral votes) have joined.

One person, one vote. Simple as that. Under this proposal every state will become more important, red or blue, rural or urban. “Battleground states” where the winner takes all will no longer have the importance they currently do. Despite Maine’s tiny population, in a close election, votes in places like Fort Kent, Skowhegan and Lubec could be deciding votes for the entire country. A politician would ignore Maine at his or her own peril. People in the Pacific time zone won’t hear on TV that the election is already decided and opt not to vote. Everyone’s vote will count.

The committee on veterans and legal affairs has heard L.D. 816 and is sending it to the Maine Senate and House for voting in the next few weeks.

Please support this bill by asking your local state representative and senator to vote for it so that Maine can join the 13 states that have already formed the National Popular Vote Compact. The compact only goes into effect when enough states totaling over 270 electoral votes join. For more information please go to the website:


Emanuel Pariser


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