I am writing in protest to the proposed Central Maine Power corridor. First, I want to correct the idea that we are dealing with CMP, our homey, little utility. We are dealing with a huge corporation called Avangrid, which includes CMP, electric utilities in New York and a wind-energy company called Iberdrola Renewables, with Connecticut-based United Illuminating, which operates electric utilities in Connecticut and gas companies in western Massachusetts and trades on the New York Stock Exchange. This behemoth does not care about Maine and its environment; it cares about profits to be made through the CMP corridor.

Second, I want to address the idea of the “deal” Maine is being offered. Large amounts of money being spread out over years of proposed payments have two faults. Companies can disappear through mergers, bankruptcy or political deals, making the future payments moot. And even if the payments are made, what will a dollar promised in 2019 be worth in 40 years? Putting off payments like this, benefits only the company paying out. And we only get to decide this with partial information, not knowing how much actual profit will be made.

Third, once a project of this magnitude is done, it cannot be undone. The change in the environment will be permanent. The area in question, from the border of Canada through sparsely populated areas of Maine, crossing the Kennebec and over a hundred brooks and streams, is some of the most beautiful country you can see. Hunters, anglers, campers, birders, skiers, tourists and people who just like to live where there is natural beauty will all be affected.

To clumsily quote mountaineer and naturalist John Muir, once this swath is cut through the heart of Maine, it will “no longer carry the reminder of the hand of God’s creation.”


Stephanie Irwin


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