Did you not look at your March 15 front-page headlines prior to printing? Talk about a contradiction.

First you had “Mills brings back abortion access bill,” about making abortion even easier. Heaven forbid the mother of a child should take more time to think about what she is doing.

Then just below it, you have “Day of joy.” Is this sick or what? Then you have an insert with a statement from Gov. Janet Mills about Maple Sugar Sunday.

Has abortion become so easy to say that you didn’t notice you were talking about more babies being killed? I don’t know what Gov. Mills wants to be remembered for, but she will be remembered for the fact that she couldn’t wait more that two months after being named governor before pushing a bill to make it easier for more babies being killed and more mothers suffering their loss for years after.

I expect that the Christian women that voted for her because she is a woman did not expect to see this as her first accomplishment. These babies have the DNA of the mother and father upon conception, a heart beat within seven weeks, and a fully formed body at 20 weeks.

And by the way, the only reproductive health care a women is entitled to is keeping her healthy so that she can become pregnant and her baby will be healthy.


Constance Craven


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