A roundup of results from Jackman’s Town Meeting on Thursday.


Total budget approved: $1,160,142, with $380,802 to be raised from taxation and $779,340 to be used from revenue.

Major spending items: Residents largely supported the Budget Committee’s recommendations for 3 percent pay increases for the town’s administration, public works and transfer station departments, approving allocations of $212,426, $154,350 and $127,698 for the three, respectively. Also approved was $154,000 in reserve funds, $100,780 for community services, $58,000 for the Fire Department, $51,000 for the Rescue Department, $56,920 of grant funds for trails, $18,480 for trail grooming, $10,000 for economic development and $3,000 for hazardous waste collection. Voters opted to allocate $100 rather than $1,000 for flowers, siding with the selectmen’s recommendation for the Parks and Recreation Department over that of the Budget Committee. Citizens approved a total of $9,620 for that department.

Local races: Scott V. Smith was re-elected as selectman, assessor and overseer of the poor and Deborah J. Petrin was as school director for School Administrative District 12, both of which are three-year terms. Betsy M. Begin and James H. Schoenmann, an incumbent, were elected as Jackman Utility District trustees. All of the races were uncontested.

Other business: Voters approved the conceptualization of a master plan to update Armand Pomerleau Park and passed a building permit ordinance.

Number of people: 32 attended Town Meeting and 49 voted in the local election.

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