WINSLOW — A youth was injured Wednesday as he was trying to run from the Ticonic Bridge across Bay Street to Clinton Avenue when the traffic light turned green and he collided with a car.

The boy, whose identity police would not release because he is under 18, was standing on the sidewalk on Clinton Avenue and talking after the crash, the back of his pants covered with dirt. He was escorted to a Delta Ambulance, which left the scene shortly thereafter.

Winslow police Sgt. Brandon Lund said at the scene that a Toyota sedan was trying to cross the intersection from Bay Street to Benton Avenue just before 4 p.m. when the boy collided with the car.

“From what witnesses say, he was trying to beat the car and basically ran into the front of it,” Lund said. “He had some scrapes on his arms, hands. We had a lot of people call on this. There were a lot of witnesses, which is nice. His (the boy’s) words were that he ‘tried to beat the car.”

Lund said the youth was lucky that the car had been stopped at the light and had just started moving when the collision occurred.

“It’s all 25 (mph) through here and because she was starting from a parked or stopped position, she was traveling at a lower rate of speed,” Lund said.


At the scene, the driver of the red 2009 Toyota, Kate Taylor, 22, of Clinton, said she was a bit shaken by the incident.

“I’ve never hit anyone before,” she said.

Standing beside her was Paul Mann, 23, of Waterville, who had been driving a tow truck in the lane beside the Toyota when the crash occurred. He said he saw the boy running across the bridge, which spans the Kennebec River. Then the light turned green and the youth kept running — right into the car.

“It’s like he was trying to win a race — the final stretch,” Mann said. “He got up and walked to this side of the road and he just kind of sat on the ground.”

No charges were filed, according to Lund, who said the boy’s parents had been called.


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