Central Maine Power’s proposed 145-mile transmission line will cut through ecologically valuable wilderness and the largest temperate forest in North America — the North Woods. This is still a bad deal for Maine despite Gov. Janet Mills’ signed support and would permanently scar our land. No amount of money can make up for that.

The Maine North Woods is a privately owned working and recreational forest with the perfect balance between the forest industry, recreation, and wildlife. It provides countless outdoor opportunities such as camping, hiking, canoe/kayaking while being sustainably harvested for over two centuries contributing about $1.8 billion to Maine’s economy each year.

Clear cutting a 53-mile, 150-foot wide corridor will permanently fragment the forest causing animal populations to be lost from an area. The North Woods is home to largest moose population in the continental U.S., the largest lynx population and second-largest loon population. This corridor would risk their survival and dramatically lower overall biodiversity. We need to protect these animals by protecting their habitat.

Clearing this corridor could cause native plants to be lost as newly cleared areas are prime habitat for aggressive invasive species. Non-native plants can also hurt wildlife by replacing food with inedible alternatives. Not to mention the herbicides used to prevent any growth in this area.

Site clearing can increase sediment in nearby waterways creating poor water quality, disrupting natural aquatic migrations, and damaging fish’s gills. Additionally, due to run-off, the herbicide used can end up in waterways where 97 percent of the nations wild brook trout and some of the last naturally reproducing landlocked salmon are located.

CMP can’t deny these environmental impacts. This corridor will permanently scar the North Woods, risk the wildlife we care about, and threaten the balance we’ve benefited from for centuries — that is why Mainers are saying “No!”


Carissa Maurin

state director

Environment Maine

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