In the March 22 column “Don’t force abortion coverage,” writer Teresa McCann-Tumidajski claims people don’t like to be forced to pay or be taxed for a “controversial product or service they did not use or request.”

I am an old man and I can’t get pregnant so I guess with that argument, none of my taxes or premiums should be used to help in any childbirth. Can I request my taxes not be used in building useless walls? Also I am a pacifist; can I request my taxes not be used to build guns, tanks, fighter planes or bombs?

The writer uses the words “elective abortions/procedures” at least six times. This may also be “controversial” but isn’t pregnancy most of the time “elective”? I have been told by friends and families that they are “trying to get pregnant,” so aren’t there many people who are “electing” to get pregnant? Why are my premiums and taxes being used in “elective choices” such as childbirth?

Because this is how our system works; sometimes taxes and premiums go to things we don’t like or can’t use.

Our health care system makes immense profits off our illness — that is the bigger issue. I am afraid I won’t be alive for the day when we have a universal health care system that does not make profits off our citizens.

And yes, if a women needs or “wants” an abortion, then it will be done in a safe, legal way, where she is not shamed, pressured or made to feel like a criminal if she needs or chooses to have one.


I’ve always felt abortion is actually an easier argument than it should be — and that is simply, if you don’t like abortion, then don’t have one.


Paul Abbott


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