In reference to the recent column by former Republican state Sen. Roger Katz, the writer’s criticism of fellow Republicans is quite telling of his own liberal credentials (“Republicans must speak up against bigotry,” March 22).

Katz decries those in “positions of power” for their “silence.” But to be fair and inclusive, there are those (with more than an eighth-grade education) who feel that there is a very real connection between illegal immigrants and the spread of communicable diseases. That should not be discounted.

To the liberal mindset, however, which is selective in its moral outrage, this opposing viewpoint may not be “politically correct.” But it is definitely not bigotry.

As a closing thought, where is Katz’s moral “outrage”— with an accompanying column– regarding the insidious abortion bill, L.D. 820. (See Teresa Tumidajski’s column, “Don’t force abortion coverage,” on March 22).

Roger Katz’s silence is deafening.


Pat Truman

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