I served in our military and have been all over the world, including serving a tour of duty in Iraq. After an honorable discharge, I’m happy to be back home in Augusta, and I enjoy hunting and fishing all over our state.

My love of the outdoors is why I love Maine so much. It’s also a major reason why I feel it’s important for Mainers to support Central Maine Power’s New England Clean Energy Connect. NECEC creates a corridor for a transmission line to run hydropower from Quebec to Maine.

There are other corridors around Maine much like what the NECEC would create and they are excellent spots to hunt. Hunters can set up near a new trail, road or right of way as they wait for a moose or deer depending on the season. Projects like NECEC improve and enhance access to these spots and give us a path to remote parts of Maine.

I know there is concern about the corridor and power lines harming the natural beauty of our woods and wilderness. But that feels like a minor inconvenience in comparison to what our forests and environment will look like if climate change continues to go unchecked.

We must reverse our dependence on fossil fuels as quickly as possible and turn our attention to renewable energy. NECEC goes a long way to doing that. Is it a solution to all our climate change challenges? Of course not, but it gets us moving in the right direction.


William Stover


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