Central Maine Power wants to spend almost $1 billion on a corridor across three western Maine counties. Gov. Janet Mills claims this is “good for Maine.” She claims it will bring in $1 billion in benefits and the price of our electricity will go down. Some other organizations claim that there will be money for high-speed broadband and environmental-friendly energy. These three counties are looking for $18 million-plus in property tax income. And, while we’re at it, why not the keys to the city and a bottle of water from the Fountain of Youth (with no tax)!

First, most of the benefits are only in the first 10 years and will be in the form of construction jobs. The $50 million for the “low income custom benefit fund and $140 million for the “advocates” fund to reduce rates for Mainers will be spread out over 40 years. The estimated cost savings per household will be pennies.

Secondly, the $258 million “incentive” program is nothing more than payola. A buy-out of our state. Some groups have “sold out” for recreational access promised by CMP on their lines. The counties want broadband upgrades and property tax income.

Others believe the promise that greenhouse gases will be decreased. There is no evidence to indicate any benefits for green energy.

Essentially, the corridor will destroy rivers, forests, animal habitats, fishing, hunting, rafting, tourism and the peace of Maine. For what? To give a Spanish company — CMP is owned by Iberdrola — a lot of earning potential.

As the sign in Kokadjo states, “This is God’s country.”


Diane Vernesoni


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