I can’t believe how anyone could find any real benefits to Maine from the Central Maine Power corridor project. How can we put a dollar value on an irreversible scar on our natural resources? They wouldn’t stop there — next they will want to spray poison to kill brush under their line.

Some of our politicians and decision makers are being shamefully hoodwinked by armies of legal and financial experts from multiple huge for-profit companies. Our decision makers have succumbed to the sales pitch and influence of money in trade for permanently damaging our natural resources. I hear some of our decisionmakers actually quoting environmental studies paid for by the companies seeking approval.
Massachusetts gets the power, Hydro-Quebec and CMP’s owners in Spain get all the profit, and we get the scars.

If this corridor ever comes to be, we should name it for a deserving politician. Hopefully we won’t have to — last I knew, Maine isn’t for sale.


Carlton Pratt


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