A photograph in the March 18 Morning Sentinel clearly shows the cause of my concern: A group of demonstrators were using the North Chanel Bridge on Sunday, March 17 (“Nickname supporters rally,” B1). One young lady left that site and approached the front door of the Federated Church, facing people leaving the church with her sign and trying to collect signatures on a petition. I was sitting in our vehicle in the adjacent parking lot and clearly saw her on church property shouting and waving her sign.

Our church does not support or oppose any political position. Neither do we provide space for any clearly political operation unless all sides are given an equal opportunity to participate. I have written a few letters expressing my opinion on the Skowhegan mascot subject, but never in the name of the church. Our minister, the Rev. Mark K. Tanner, is as strong and active supporter of the entire athletic program at Skowhegan Area High School as any I know.  He probably has an opinion on this issue, but he has never expressed it to me.

Peaceful protesting is a right protected in our society. The sanctity of church property is also protected. Protesters on the public property of the bridge are a common sight  and seem to be protected while carrying out their activities. They should respect the private property of our church.


George Davis

Federated Church moderator


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