Last November, almost 5,900 Waterville residents got to exercise their right to vote in the elections. After the results were counted, the mayor and supporters questioned the outcome. They did recounts and asked the court system to weigh in. They never provided their argument before the deadline. Next, three people walk into city hall and stopped the process of confirming election results. Three, and one of the three voted in Oakland in the November election.

At a City Council meeting recently, it was stated publicly that the legal cost to taxpayers will be between $15,000 and $20,000.

Keep in mind that $15,000 would purchase books to enrich every classroom at the Hall School. It would fund many Purple Panther teams, giving hundreds of youth time on the football, soccer or softball field. It would guarantee that 50 children are fed daily at school for an entire year. It would buy cameras or bulletproof glass at entrance ways to a school, protecting our children for years. It would buy gas for our fire trucks for many months.

There will be losers after every vote. Will this keep happening? If people want to challenge the city, they should pay the legal fees incurred if they lose. Spend your own $15,000, not the money of taxpayers who want us to move on.

You have a good City Council. Tell them how you feel about this. They can create change.


Steve Soule


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