Hartland has a beautiful lake and lots of beautiful homes. However, we also have an ugly sludge landfill that has diminished the value of those homes. A house in Hartland is worth around 20 percent less than a comparable home in another town, and this loss can be contributed, at least in part, to the landfill and the problems it causes, such as odors, well contamination and pollution of the environment and ecosystem. Who wants to live in pollution? Why do we let this continue? And it is getting worse; truckloads of waste come to Hartland on a daily basis.

Let’s do something about it. Let’s close the landfill and begin to clean up our town. Please join with me and stand up for our health and quality of life. Even Hartland Residents have a right to a clean air, water, and environment. Please contact the Selectboard and ask them to close it today to protect our tomorrow.


Rhonda Southard


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