Hartland’s landfill is getting bigger because it takes sludge waste from out of town. The silent hill is growing fast. If Hartland took care of its own problem, we would get 40-plus years to max it out. But as it is now, we are looking at about 14 years.

Since 2016 there have been a lot of complaints on smell and dust plumes, which are not healthy for area residents that have health problems. After 200 documented complaints the landfill still keeps taking sludge and asbestos everyday. The value to property in the area is going down.

We need to stop taking everyone else’s hazardous stuff. We need to start thinking where the another landfill will go, because if we don’t change course, we will need it sooner rather than later.

The location of current landfill is on Pleasant Street behind the old Tannery Annex. No signs, just a plain gate, so general public doesn’t have to see the silent hill.


Rick Sanborn


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