The “Make America Great Again” cap worked nicely for 2016, and we seem have gotten pretty great at doing and not doing all sorts of stuff

But it seems to me that the Trump campaign should have a new cap for 2020. I suggest a similar shaped cap, but this time in a flimsy orange color to honor the president, and there should also be some long threads coming off of it to blow in the wind — which ever way the wind should be blowing that day.

The cap would have the letters “LNKAGU” on it, to be pronounced, loudly, as “LINKAGOO.” That should go nicely with shouts of “Lock Her Up,” which I expect will remain a rallying cry for a long time.

The letters stand for “Let No Kind Act Go Unpunished,” and would remind us all daily of the president’s past history and his hopes for the future. Pretty nifty, don’t you think?


Abbott Meader


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