The death camp purveyors are at it again, this time with L.D.1313, An Act to Enact the Maine Death with Dignity Bill. That phrase is just so much window dressing, because it insidiously targets those who are most vulnerable and susceptible to this message (“Dozens testify on both sides of Maine ‘death with dignity’ bill,” April 10).

Scenarios of financial concerns, or of being a burden or a terrible inconvenience to their loved ones, or the possibility of pain, is heavy on their minds. Soon, they themselves feel the need to fully cooperate in their own demise.

Unfortunately, what follows however is the probability that euthanasia will be in operation without their cooperation. Thus it is in Holland today; doctors are being investigated for euthanizing patients who did not request it. “Compassion” and “dignity” are no longer the points of concern. Instead, “quality of life” and convenience are the major factors which are considered before they are legally dispatched to the morgue.

If all this sounds too unthinkable, remember that in the very beginning, pro-abortion advocates vehemently denied that legalizing abortion would ever lead to abortion on demand. But we know what those words are worth today. Fully developed infants have been brutally murdered.  Do we honestly think that euthanasia advocates, those with a pro-death mentality, will have any more regard for human life than do the pro-abortionists?

People who are suffering certainly have the right to dignity and compassionate care. And the elderly, the disabled, the terminally ill, and the burdensome already do have that dignity as befitting the children of God. But must they die at a time more convenient to others to prove it? They want freedom from pain — not freedom from life itself.


Pat Truman


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