At no other time in our history has the power of the word been more on display. Politicians get elected by the power of words. Something worthless can be made to seem amazing with the clever use of twisted terminology. Today the power of the word, both spoken and written, can be misused, recreated and redefined to meet the speaker’s needs.

You do not have to go to church or be a theologian to know about or to have heard about the “Seven Deadly Sins,” those being:  pride, envy, gluttony, lust, greed, anger and sloth. Currently and daily, perfect examples of each are seen in the White House.  The people there are so clever and creative with words that  the Seven Deadly Sins have been rewritten and have proudly become  “The Great American Values.”

The lies are eroding and weakening our entire nation. What has happened to us?

Susan Lohnes
China Village

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