We’re going into another election cycle. I’m trying to figure out how this new crop of socialists plan on making America great again. Maybe their support for open borders will make America great? Or maybe their views on the environment will make America great? We can regulate cow farts and rebuild every building in America to meet their version of utopia.

No, I’m not crazy. If you don’t understand what I’m writing about, you haven’t been paying attention. The mainstream media won’t report the outlandish ideas and policies from left. The media’s venom is only saved for white conservatism. The left wants to attack your freedoms and your country in every way imaginable.

Now, because they lost an election they’re attacking our Electoral College. They don’t want your voice to be heard. New York, California, and Florida will decide the presidential election. Our Founding Fathers wanted us all to have a voice — that’s why we have an Electoral College. We’re supposed to be a republic, not a democracy. There’s a reason for that.

Democrats want full control of health care by promising someone else will pay for it. No consideration is given to those whom must pay or provide. Isn’t socialism grand? Venezuela was once the richest country in South America. If you haven’t noticed, they’re broke. Everyone with money has left the country. Is that really what we want for our future? American citizens better wake up and soon.


John Hopkins


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