FARMINGTON — Mt. Blue High School will host its first Mud Con gaming convention from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, April 27, at 129 Seamon Road.

Players of all ages are invited to participate in a full day of board games, card games, role playing games and video game tournaments to support the Success & Innovation Center at Mt. Blue campus.

Around the campus, spaces will be devoted to collectible card games such as Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering, hobby games such as Warhammer 40K and Bolt Action, board games such as Settlers of Catan and Pandemic, and card games such as Sushi Go! and DC Superheroes Deck Builder.

There also will be places for role playing groups to gather for adventuring and character building in Dungeons & Dragons.

Players are encouraged to bring games to share and show others, and there will be many games to try out. A special area for the Play and Win program, where players can learn and try out a new game and have their names entered in a drawing to win those games, will be provided. Games in the Play and Win so far include Stonemaier Games’ My Little Scythe and Between Two Castles, as well as Maine’s own Quest for the Antidote from Topsham Games.

Throughout the day, gamers will be able to play in one of three strands: Open, casual and competitive. Open strand gamers can learn how to play a number of games, ask questions, get advice, and share some their favorites with others. In the causal strand, gamers can expect to play games with similarly experienced players, while the competitive strand will provide challenges and opponents for veteran players.

For the most competitive players, there will be four tournaments during the day, starting with Magic: The Gathering at 9 a.m., Pokemon will begin at 11 a.m., followed by a Mario Kart (Wii) tournament at 1 p.m. and Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Nintendo, Wii) at 2 p.m.

Entry into these tournaments will cost $5 per player per tournament, with cash prizes for first, second and third places. First place will receive 25 percent of the tournament fees, second place 15 percent and third 10 percent. The more who participate, the greater the prize, so players are encouraged to bring a friend.

To register and for more information, visit the event on Facebook.

General admission will cost $5 and is free for those 10 and younger. Refreshments will be for sale throughout the day. All proceeds will  support programming and materials for the Success & Innovation Center at Mt Blue Campus.

For more information, email SIC Education Director Dan Ryder at [email protected].

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