A common question posed by Christians during the Lenten season is, “What should I give up?” Lent is a time to reflect and repent in preparation for Easter, the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection. It is a time when Christians renew their commitment to follow Jesus.

One would think that to follow Jesus means to internalize his teachings by examining our behavior and making radical changes where we stray from his example. Such reflection, you may expect, would result in a proliferation of love, compassion, nonviolence and service to the poor and marginalized.

So why is it that in this so-called Christian nation, billions of tax dollars are spent on weapons of mass destruction whose purpose it is to bring death and destruction to people around the globe?

On April 27, hundreds of people will gather at Bath Iron Works for the “christening” of the latest Zumwalt class destroyer, the USS Lyndon B. Johnson. Imagine what Jesus might do with the $4.5 billion one costs to lift up “the least among us.”

Will the Christians witnessing that event have any inkling that what is being glorified there is the antithesis of the teachings of Jesus? In this holy season and beyond, let’s give up the glorification of military might and the proliferation of endless war.

Let’s support action by BIW to convert its manufacturing to industry that promotes an economy built for life not death such as wind, solar and transit. The time has come for an examination of conscience that leads to radical change.


Mary Ellen Quinn, Co-Coordinator

Pax Christi Maine


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