Unsubstantiated and emotional claims are the name of the fundraising game for animal rights groups, and Teresa Chagrin’s April 14 letter, “Ban pet shop sales of all small animals,” is no exception.

But Americans are not going to stop having pets as part of their family, and what is important to focus on is uniform and universal animal care standards. Banning pet shop animal sales will do nothing to shut down bad breeders. It will take away the only pet source that provides legal protections for both the animals and consumers, and drive consumers to unregulated, unlicensed and unscrupulous sources.

Under the Animal Welfare Act companion animal breeders are required to be licensed, inspected, and provide regular veterinary care, and their care standards are frequently much higher than the law requires. The answer to improving animal well-being without removing important protections is to regularly evaluate and increase enforcement of national animal care standards, and apply them to stores, commercial breeders, shelters and rescues.


Bryant Tracy

owner, Pawz and Clawz Petz


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