ROCKLAND — A Bosnian man awaiting trial on a charge that he tried to strangle his pregnant girlfriend has been deported.

The charges of aggravated assault and domestic violence assault against Milorad Stanivukovic, 34, were dismissed last week in the Knox County Court in Rockland. The dismissal came after he had been deported.

Stanivukovic, who had been living in Cushing and Hope, was arrested Feb. 11.

The incidents occurred in April 2018 in Warren, but the victim did not report the crimes at the time; instead, the Knox County Sheriff’s Office began investigating after she submitted an affidavit requesting a protection from abuse order against Stanivukovic. The court granted that order in January.

The woman told police in a subsequent interview that he had thrown her on a bed and tried to strangle her as she pleaded for her life and that of their unborn baby, according to an affidavit filed by the Knox County Sheriff’s Office with the Knox County Court. The woman was six months pregnant at the time.

She said he also threw her against the furniture as if she were a rag doll, according to the affidavit. In another incident, he allegedly assaulted her and threw furniture around the residence.

Stanivukovic was a resident alien from Bosnia.

District Attorney Natasha Irving said the Immigration and Custom Enforcement agency took Stanivukovic into custody the day after his initial court appearance in Rockland.

The charges could be reimposed if he were return to the United States.

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