Buxton police say a Waterboro man was charged with drunken driving after he backed into another vehicle and inadvertently began towing it behind his truck.

Buxton police say a drunken driver backed into another vehicle, then inadvertently towed it from a bar parking lot. Photo courtesy of Buxton Police Department

Officers Jessica Ramsay and Derek Dinsmore were on patrol around 11 p.m. Saturday when they saw a large pick-up truck that appeared to be towing a vehicle pull onto Route 202 from Skip’s Lounge. After realizing there were no rear lights on either car, the officers stopped the truck, Buxton police said Tuesday in a Facebook post about the “strange sight.”

The officers’ roadside investigation revealed that 25-year-old Justin Sproul of East Waterboro had backed his truck into the another vehicle, pushing his trailer hitch into the rear bumper of the second car.

“When the operator drove away, he didn’t realize the other vehicle was attached to his,” Buxton police wrote.

There was no one in the second vehicle during the incident, according to police.

Justin Sproul of East Waterboro Photo courtesy of Buxton Police Department

Sproul was arrested and charged with operating under the influence. He is scheduled to appear Biddeford District Court in June.

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