According to Merriam-Webster the definition of “deplorable” is “deserving censure or contempt.” If you ask me this defines both Republicans who supported the war in Iraq and Democrats who pretend their support didn’t contribute to the suffering that Republican support did. Truth is, both groups condemned Western military personnel and Middle Eastern civilizations to at least a generation of suffering. In fact, both parties now deny responsibility.

You were not tricked, Democrats. You and I both saw military and intelligence leaders argue against the war in Iraq. We all heard the news tell us that military and intelligence leaders were meeting privately with congressional representatives in an attempt to avert the spillover from war in Iraq that we were first convinced would happen in the early 1990s. That argument stopped George H.W. Bush from invading. It did not stop his son, and it did not stop Democrats in 2003.

You’re all on notice from this Marine — Democrats and Republicans. A majority of Americans would accept nothing less than war; this is why Western military personnel and Middle Eastern civilizations continue to suffer today. You could help by acknowledging your part. You might even try an apology. I just ask that you do something more than protect egos. Because, you aren’t helping anyone by pretending those of us who argued against this from the start aren’t still here with you. We’ve endured what entertained you through the decades. That should be understood.


Jamie Beaulieu



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