I couldn’t help but notice two articles in the April 9 newspaper. The headline of one on the front page said: “Homeowners: solar array will hurt property values.” Another headline read: “Glaciers shrinking faster than scientists thought.”
Two articles physically as far apart as they could be in the same section, but so very related in context.
In the first article, one Scott Weeks is gravely concerned about what the Fairfield solar array will do to his property value. Even if his property value is lowered, there are thousands of people in Fairfield alone whose property values will not be negatively affected.
In the second article, reputable scientists agree that the glaciers are shrinking faster than previously thought.  Since almost all scientists not on the payroll of a fossil fuel corporation also agree that melting glaciers are a result of climate change and that change is caused by excessive fossil fuel use, the common good is in jeopardy
Rising air and water temperatures will adversely affect the clean water and food production among the loss of millions of acres of land. This will in turn create unprecedented human chaos. Neighbor will be fighting neighbor for a scrap of food and a cup of clean water. At this point, property values will have zero meaning.
We should all realize that we must turn to any and all alternatives to the use of fossil fuels. Sooner or later, we will run out of fossil fuel. It would be far better to embrace alternate energy before our planet is further damaged.
If we continue to let personal greed (excessive concern about “property values”) control our lives at the expense of the common good (care for our air and water) we shall all be in for a very rough ride indeed.

Peter P. Sirois

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