I am firearm owner.  For those in the military, it is a weapon. For the civilian such as I, it is a tool. It provides protection for me and mine, meat on the table and a deterrent to foreign aggression. I bought my first firearm when I was a teenager. I worked all summer to earn the money to buy it. I still have it today. Every deer I have harvested is with that firearm. I take objection to it being called a weapon in my hands. As a law-abiding citizen, if nothing else, Sept. 11, 2001, should have taught us that anything can be used as a weapon.

This year I will be 76 years old. I, as any sane person, I am appalled with the shootings that have happened in and outside of this country. In my opinion some of the shootings in this country are caused by individuals with anger or mental health issues. But I also feel that there are those in and outside of this country that are responsible for these shootings with the ultimate goal being to turn you and I against the Constitution and our Second Amendment rights.

I, for one, will never submit to this endeavor and I would caution anyone to have some knowledge as to who and what you vote for.


David F. Choate


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