From Mark Twain quipping about how quickly New England weather can change (“don’t like it? wait a few”) to the memes circulating social media about Maine’s real seasons (construction and false fall among them), what happens outside in our corner of the country can be comical in its intensity.

And while we can count on humorously high snow piles in winter and facetious remarks about the brevity of our beautiful summers, the funny thing about spring is just how unpredictable it is. Sure, we should know better than to be surprised by some of it – the April snowstorm, the never-ending rain, the assumption that one random beach day in May is anything more than that.

But what’s most remarkable is how varied the weather can be within such a short period of time. This month, we went out in search of people encountering the different conditions and captured how they dealt with and even delved into this ficklest of seasons. Humor is one way to deal with the harshness of our environment. Embracing it is another.


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