Trees — a most valued renewable resource, a resource that we need now more than ever to combat climate change — are the victims of Central Maine Power’s corridor project, thousands of them in Maine and millions of acres of them in Quebec.

Once cut to make way for the transmission lines in Maine, they will be kept from regrowth by herbicides for the life of the lines.

Once flooded to provide the energy that Hydro-Quebec proposes to export through the transmission lines, the downed and drowned trees will not only be gone forever but in their decomposition will contribute to climate change.

Why is that critical in these times of climate change? Why does the claim of clean energy ring false? Why is it time for us to start thinking differently? Why is it important for CMP to start thinking differently?

Is climate change at the root of it all or is money? Who is really going to profit from this? Will our grandchildren be the victims along with the trees?

The Earth is our mother and she has forgiven us for too many years. Let’s find a balance before it is too late.


Gary Athenian


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