L.D. 820 is being considered by the Maine House and Senate. This bill forces insurance companies that provide maternity services (paid for by our premiums) and Medicaid (all our Maine tax money) to pay for abortions.

Remember, federal funds cannot be used for abortions, so all money to pay these abortions will come from our Maine taxes. If you do not want to pay for abortions in Maine, you must call your lawmakers immediately.

You can find out who your lawmaker is by going to www.faithfulcitizenme.org then call: your state senator at 287-1540 and representative at 287-1400, and tell them you oppose L.D. 820. You can also get their email on their webpages.

If you do nothing, you may find you are paying for many abortions that you do not want your taxes going toward. Please take action.


Constance Craven


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